We make it possible to negotiate with your spouse.

We offer a mediation process that is less costly and time consuming than ANY alternative.

We guide you every step of the way

We assist you in devising a plan to co-parent your children in a way that best serves your family’s future needs starting from day one. We also help you resolve issues relating to division of assets and debt, child support and alimony.

Every divorce is unique

Some have high assets at stake while others face cumbersome debt. We offer a cost effective, confidential, legally binding process to resolve these and other issues.

Our only focus is mediation

Our team is comprised of the most esteemed retired judges, accomplished lawyers, and former Family Court mediators from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We help you navigate your issues and disputes by providing our services on a schedule that suits you, in one of our private offices, and at a cost that is a fraction of what you would spend fighting in a public courtroom.


The majority of our mediations reach a resolution in one or two sessions. From start to finish, a typical divorce mediated by BAMS costs the parties less than $3,500 TOTAL.


You will spare your children the stress and anxiety of a contested divorce.


Preserve your hard earned finances and spend only a fraction of what it would cost fighting in court.


The entire process from start to finish takes months, not years. Parties are welcome to attend mediation sessions in person or by video conference.