Our 5 Step Mediation Process

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Since mediation is our only focus, we have been able to develop a process that allows for the least expensive way of reaching a resolution in the shortest time possible.


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  • Learn more about the Process from a Mediator
  • Get your Questions answered
  • Call 508-588-5800 or Email jill@bostonareamediation.com

Prepare for Mediation

  • Schedule a Mediation
  • Complete the forms given to you at your Consultaion
  • Return them to our office one week prior to your Mediation

Participate in Mediation

  • Let your voice be heard - spend a three-hour session in one of our private offices resolving your issues
  • Let us guide you to a full and final settlement
  • We will draft a Separation Agreement based on the terms of your settlement

Review, Finalize & Sign Divorce Documents

  • Review the Separation Agreement or have an outside Attorney review it
  • Give us your feedback
  • Work with us toward a final draft
  • Come to our office and Sign the Divorce documents
  • We will file the documents with the Court

Attend Your Divorce Hearing

  • Appear before a Judge briefly to indicate you approve of the terms of the Agreement you have reached with the help of BAMS